step one
Being aware of the importance of innovation and its role to society’s evolution, CiTARD is strongly committed to invest heavily in research and development of solutions based on state of the art ICT and Robotics technologies to help its customers sustain growth, achieve long-term profitability, reduce costs and add business values.
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step two
CiTARD provides for rapid, cost effective and successful development, by employing innovative ICT and Robotic based personalized solutions, tackling mainly the eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living areas.
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step three
CiTARD provides a variety of high quality services and consultancy to End User Organizations, Industry and Public Authorities with sole purpose to provide adequate ICT and Robotic based solutions, for the eHealth and Ageing Well sectors, and minimize the market uptake risks.
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  New!  Social Robot Project demonstration at Zuyderland (Sittard, NL), in October 2015! Click here to see the pictures and demo!

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