CITARD has long-term experience in working close with a number of national and international care organizations, in the introduction of new technologies and services in the eHealth and Ambient Assisting Living areas. These collaborations allowed CITARD to gain expertise and knowledge in:

  • Elderly requirements analysis and modeling;
  • Design, development, on site validation, assessment and usability testing of ICT based solutions and virtual collaborative networks for elderly care;
  • Design and development of security and privacy infrastructures;
  • Analysis, design and implementation of user behavior modelling for providing intelligent support;
  • Personalized and adaptive End Users' interfaces;
  • Analysis of human and computer interaction focusing on the needs of the aging population;
  • Integration of ICT based solutions with AAL-based robotics for elderly daily life assistance.

As a result, our experience combined with end users' organizations expertise in business deployment, allowed CiTARD to use technology as an enabler to support the elderly to stay connected and create networks of formal and informal support. Thus, CiTARD has also provided significant contributions to various research projects, actively promoting innovation in ICT and Robotic based solutions in the AAL market.


  Collaboration with care centers

CiTARD Services Ltd has long term expertise in collaborating with a number of National and International Care organizations for understanding and analysing the end-user needs and requirements.
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  ICT based solutions provision for elderly care

CiTARD, through its expertise and knowledge, provides for rapid, cost effective and successful development and taken up of innovative ICT based personalized products and services for the elderly.
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  Social robotics integration for elderly care

CiTARD promotes the integration of ICT-based solutions within robotics, to provide technologically advanced, service provision platforms for personalized elderly assistive care.
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