Citard Active SCN


Citard Active SCN is a product supporting older persons to carry out an inward and outward active life. The system is installed in the Netherlands, by the Zuyderland organization, in four older persons care centers.

Who would not want a life including useful and fun activities in which you meet other people? This is also for the elderly. However, some elderly are unable to take initiative in this matter due to disabilities and the ageing process. This product helps this population to overcome this problem, as it enables people to be socially active for a longer period in their lives. How? By providing a clear overview of all activities that take place around the living area or care home of elderly people. Through this app the elderly can register easily for these activities.

  Click here to download Citard Active SCN brochure in PDF.

  Testimonial of Citard Active SCN

Citard Active is successufly in use by residents in four care centres of Zuyderland, in the Netherlands. Participants experienced the Citard Active as easy to use and described it as a nice way to support their social lives.

  Showcase of Citard Active SCN

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