SoCo-Net can be integrated in any ICT-based system, as a standalone component, and provide services that will allow elderly people to stay connected and create networks of formal and informal support. Indicative services provided by SoCo-Net are:

  • Enables the effective management and collaboration of virtual social care teams around the elderly for continuous care provision.

  • Ensures that the elderly will have a unique personalized profile of disabilities and abilities, special needs, preferences, etc., promoting thus personalized care provision.

  • Provides for an intelligent data management system enabling connection to a variety of ICT Care & Wellness, Guidance, Mobility Monitoring, Entertainment and Leisure services.

  • Supports intelligent management and adaptive user profiling techniques able to record and identify elderly behaviour changes as they age and adapt their social relationships and profiles so as to always meet their new preferences and needs.

  Showcase of SoCo-Net:

Applicability of SoCo-Net in a real Elderly Care System
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